The association – Massage against violence –
A voluntary association that above all runs courses in classical massage for young people who are in the risk zone for crime and addiction.

Indian Head Massage -
Read about the treatment that is believed to prevent hair from going grey and that can loosen up tension.

Intuitive massage –
Here you can read about what intuitive massage is and why it can be beneficial.

Classical massage –
Read about the treatment of the body’s soft parts which aims to affect physical and emotional factors.

Margareth’s page about Infant massage –
Read about colic massage and different courses for children under 10 months and their parents.

Massage and body care –
A magazine for everyone interested in manual treatment methods.

Massage in school – -
Children who massage each other do not beat each other. Read about the project at Norrviken school where children massage each other during school time.

About anthroposophy and massage –
Many informative texts, for example, about Rudolf Steiner, about massage and the astral body’s way of working.

Psychological massage –
Read about a form of energy balancing with the help of light massage.

Swedish Massage –
The branch council – Swedish Massage – consists of six extensive and serious training programs for masseurs and the two associations that organize professional masseurs.