The secret of giving massage is learning "to think with your fingers". Through its relaxing, calming effect it makes us better equipped to cope with our daily tasks.

"A good meaningful massage forces down into the deepest part of our existence".

A good massage affects you on all levels. It is wholesome physically because it is relaxing and stimulates the muscles, helps the blood circulation, calms the nerve system, stimulates the flow in the lymph and stretches the connective tissue in the joints.

SFKMBKM I am a member of SFKM (The Scandinavian Association for Complementary Medicine) and work according to their principles. This means, among other things, that I have the obligation to observe professional secrecy, patient and malpractice insurance and that you are insured against treatment injury.

Basmedicin diplom

My name is Maria Fagerfalk and i have completed a basic medical training at the Uppsala Biomedical Faculty. The training period was 3 years.


I am also a massage therapist diplomaed/certified by the Swedish Health Team. The training period was 1 year.
Ortoped diplom Idrottsmassage Ortomolekulär Medicin FB

Advanced further training for masseurs/massage therapists
Diplomas in:

  • Orthopaedic Medicine
  • Athletic Medicine

The training took place between 2007 – 2008 at IMC (The Athletic Medicine Centre) in Malmö. The following, basic orthopaedic medicine, diagnostics and treatment were included: Shoulder, Lumbar, Cervical/Thoracic, Foot/Knee and Hip/Groin.

Diploma in Athletic massage.
2003 at Malkars Centre in Kalmar.

Orthomolecular Medicine 2008 in Stockholm that means, among other things, prevention and treatment of relevant illnesses.


I am also a diplomead/authorized Reflexologist since 1987.