Massage – a treatment that affects us. Massage is in fact the oldest way of curing. Hippocrates said: "Every doctor should learn to massage". He recommended massage in 400 BC as the cure for several illnesses.
Touch is so natural for us that people who do not get their needs for touch satisfied can become depressed and easily irritated. Everyone has the need for touch in order to feel love, warmth and security. The sense of touch is probably the most basic of all of our senses. Touch means security and consolation. By touching someone, you show that you care and you convey a feeling of solidarity, intuitive understanding, security and satisfaction.
The word massage probably originates from the Arabic "masah" that means stroking with the hand.
Massage can be defined as a manual alternative medical form of treatment for the mechanical processing of the soft parts of the body and that aims to improve both bodily and physical functions.

Some of the most important areas of use for massage are:

Muscular tension
Training stiffness
Improvement of the blood circulation in the skin and underlying tissue
Restoration of strength of mobility after different injuries
Maintenance of muscle tonus and blood circulation for bedridden and wheel-chaired patients
General relaxation and the creation of relief and well-being for mentally tensioned people
Benefits of massage
Massage has a profound effect on health. It improves the blood circulation, loosens tension in the muscles, encourages digestion and facilitates the removal of slag products by stimulating the lymph passage. With massage you feel looked after, spoilt and have a glorious feeling of well-being.
Small nodes under the skin are caused by muscle fibres bundled together or an accumulation of slag products.
Massage in the different stages of life
"You cannot understand if you haven’t been understood".
Touch is "the mother of the senses".
"Beside the brain, the skin is probably the most important of all our organs".
Why massage children?
We all agree that children need nourishment. We probably also know that this nourishment not only consists of food. We talk about "emotionally undernourished" children and in school, children are "fed" with knowledgearn.
On the other hand it is not equally obvious for everyone that stimulation of the skin is at least as important for children’s development as food.
One thing is for sure: Nobody has ever received too much nourishing body contact.
Many parents were undernourished as children where emotional or physical intimacy is concerned and they have difficulty in giving their children just these things. Massage is then a very concrete action that you can practice.
Baby massage
As early as the foetus stage a child is indirectly affected by the massage that the mother receives.
During pregnancy
Pregnant women are usually very grateful for massage – they are so committed to their bodies, but massage should be administered with care. Especially appreciated is massage (or being kneaded) to the back, buttocks and thighs.
Sleeping trouble and nervousness
Chronic conditions that cause a lot of suffering and that can be helped by massage and touch. Massage to any part of the body, in particular, the back, the head and the face, can have a relaxing effect.
Old age – old people
Old age is no illness and old people are not necessarily very ill.
Massage for old and very ill people
Old and very ill people often suffer from a lack of body contact, particularly if their life companion has died. The body causes quite a lot of trouble.
The need for pleasant body experiences is very great, the older one gets. Massage increases the blood circulation and the lymph flow. The muscles are also stimulated – a sort of passive exercises.
Sorrow The loss of someone nearest and dearest is such an occasion when massage can give immense benefit. People in mourning sometimes close in their emotions and massage can function like a safety valve by releasing both physical and mental tension. In this way a person can get help to more easily get over his/her sorrow.
Sick people often feel isolated and lonesome. Massage can mean a lot for them.
All kinds of massage are pleasant.
Touch is a way of expressing care and sympathy and massage brings about warmth and relaxation which can contribute to relieving pain.

Massage can contribute to becoming slimmer. Fat does not disappear with massage but self-esteem and appearance is improved, thus making slimming easier.
Pain that hurts
"The finger of a skilful masseur shall sink as softly onto a painful nerve as the dew onto the grass and as heavily onto a withered roll of fat as an elephant’s foot".