I always start my treatment by stroking the skin lightly and carefully with my hands, forwards and backwards. This mild grip is called "effleurage" which simply means stroking.
To reduce the friction I put a little oil on the skin.

When the client begins to feel a little warmer and has totally relaxed I then change to a slightly heavier grip that is called "petrissage", a word that means kneading.
This grip is in fact very similar to the hand movements you make when you knead dough before baking bread.

Then I want go in and work on the muscles a little deeper so I go over to friction that means rubbing. I then work more with the outer part of the fingers that I clasp together. I make circling movements that improve the blood circulation in the skin and the muscles as well as working deeper down by stretching the muscles.

I use the scissor grip for special muscle groups, for example, the shoulders.

These are mainly the grips that I mostly use.
When I have completed all these grips I conclude with the grip that I started with, namely "effleurage" (stroking) so that the client becomes really calm and relaxed.